When behavioral scientists from the RAND Corporation recently conducted their California Well-Being Survey of people suffering mild to serious psychological distress, they found that nine out of ten of the respondents said they experienced discrimination as a result of it. While most of the discrimination experienced occurred within the context of social situations, high levels of prejudice were also reported at school and work. This led many to try to hide or disguise their problems from co-workers and classmates. At the same time, it is encouraging to report that most study participants felt that recovery from mental illness is possible. More than 70 percent indicated that they are satisfied with life and would seek treatment for mental illness if needed.


Social stigma surrounding mental issues is a real hurdle, but it’s one that can be overcome. If you’re dealing with stress, depression, grief, or anxiety, you should get it treated in the same way that you would get a broken arm treated. Our caring counselors can help you improve your life and reclaim your happiness.  Call one of our offices today.  You can also take a free on-line assessment just click here:


Molly Ludwig-Henningsgaard