Author: Matt Huddleston

Don’t Bet Your Life

With the proliferation of gambling casinos, Internet gambling sites, state lotteries,and other gambling venues that make it easier to make bets, it’s no wonder that

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Mens Way of Dealing

Depression is more common among women than men, but men’s depression is more difficult for the untrained eye to detect. For instance, we might expect

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Dealing with Insomnia

If getting to sleep is a problem, a method known as “cognitive refocusing treatment” may help empty the mind of worrisome thoughts that might be

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Feeling Anxious?

Anxiety disorders are the most frequently occurring mental health problems among the general population. While anxiety is a natural reaction to stress, it can become

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Do We Live in an Age of Anxiety?

According to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders, 2% to 4% of Americans suffered from an anxiety disorder in

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Struggling with Heart Failure

Because heart failure (HF) can lead to significant health complications and reduced quality of life, both male and female patients can become depressed as a

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