As we go through life, the likelihood that we will have to end a serious relationship becomes almost inevitable. According to recent research, more than 85 percent of people will experience a major breakup at some point in their lives, while most people have about three major breakups by the time they reach age 30. Although both men and women are likely to feel psychological distress in the aftermath of a breakup that ranges from brief sadness to major depression, men and women handle breakups differently. Women tend to process their loss and get through it. Men tend to hold on to their anger and disappointment. Regardless of gender, anyone who has significant difficulty dealing with a breakup should seek counseling.


Are you having trouble dealing with a break up? Maybe you’ve experienced a loss of a different sort. If you feel like you need help to move past some recent sorrow, we can help. Our compassionate counselors provide a safe space and proven techniques for dealing with issues like loss, as well as grief, depression, anxiety, or stress. You deserve to live your life fully. Call one of our offices today for an appointment or visit our website for our on-line mental health assessment.


P.S. Breakups take many forms, including being let go from a job or being cut from a team. How one deals with a breakup can determine the course that future relationships take.