While we hear a lot about anxiety and depression affecting expectant mothers and new mothers, relatively little attention is given to expectant fathers. The fact is that expectant and new fathers face a greater risk of depression than other men in the general population. Moreover, new research reveals that depression in expectant fathers can affect the birth outcome. It is already known that depression in women is linked with an increased risk of premature birth and low birthweight. More recently, researchers have also found that newly diagnosed depression in expectant fathers was also linked with a 38% risk of very preterm birth (compared with a 30%-40% risk of moderately preterm birth among mothers with new and recurrent depression).


A pregnancy or new baby is a huge change and can be the cause of a lot of stress to the parents. If you’re dealing with pre- or post-partum depression, regardless of gender, then please call our office. Our counselors have experienced dealing with the emotional complexities of a baby and we can provide the safe space and proven techniques that will help you get through this transition.  You and your family deserve to be healthy again. Call one of our offices today or check out our website for the free on-line assessment.



P.S. Depression in a partner can be a source of stress for expectant mothers, which may result in the increased risk of preterm birth.