With the proliferation of gambling casinos, Internet gambling sites, state lotteries,and other gambling venues that make it easier to make bets, it’s no wonder that the number of Americans with gambling addictions can be counted in the millions (an estimated 2%-5% of the population). Seemingly, no one is spared from this impulse-control problem. While men tend to develop gambling problems earlier (during teenage years) and more often than women, numbers of females with gambling addictions are fast catching up with males. Moreover, the disorder tends to get worse much faster among women than men. Those of either gender with a gambling addiction may engage in binge gambling and/or persistent gambling behavior, as well as have persistent thoughts about gambling.

Of course, if you or a loved one is wrestling with any sort of addiction, regardless of gender, you should get help now. But we know that you needn’t be suffering from something as dramatic as a gambling addiction to deserve help. You may be dealing with something more quiet, like depression, anxiety, or grief. Our compassionate counselors can provide you with the proven techniques and safe space that you need to be healthy again. If you would like an appointment please contact one of our offices.

P.S. Unless they seek treatment, pathological gamblers often risk important relationships, employment, and other opportunities that can put them on a path to losing nearly all they hold dear and important in their lives.