If you feel stressed at work, you are hardly alone. A recent poll of nearly 900 American employees shows that about three in every four are stressed at work. For the second consecutive year, low pay is the most common cause of work-related stress. Poor work/life balance; lack of advancement opportunity; working outside one’s chosen career; unreasonable workloads; annoying co-workers; and, of course, unreasonable bosses were all found to be among the top reasons for work-induced stress. While psychological counseling may not directly help workers get a better job, higher pay, or a new boss, it may help stressed employees better deal with their present situations. Bringing a new attitude and coping mechanisms to work can go a long way.

Of course, in addition to work, stress can come from many other sources. If you feel overly stressed for any reason, you need to call our office right away. Our compassionate counselors can provide you with proven techniques for dealing with your stress, regardless of its source. We can also help you if you’re wrestling with grief, depression, or anxiety.

P.S. By altering expectations, employees may be able to redirect outcomes in ways that lead to better relationships with bosses and co-workers.