In the short term, stress can be good. As the “fight or flight” response kicks in, muscles tense, heartbeat rises, respiration increases, and hormones surge. These physical responses ready our bodies to either confront danger or run from it. In the modern world, short-term stress helps us meet a deadline at work or clean out the garage. There is also evidence that short-term stress helps the body fight infections and heal wounds. On the other hand, more traumatic and persistent stress can be harmful. Earthquake survivors have been found to have suppressed immune function, while caretakers of spouses with dementia have significantly higher levels of oxidative damage to cells. If you suffer from traumatic or long-term stress, seek treatment.


Is stress impinging on your ability to enjoy life? Do you feel like you’re stressed all the time? Let our counselors help you. We can provide a safe space and proven techniques for dealing with your stress which can help you find a new sense of peace. We can also help you if you are dealing with drug abuse, depression, or anxiety.  Call one of our offices today or check out our website for the free on-line assessment.



P.S. Stressed individuals can be taught coping skills that help them handle stress without burning