As one might imagine, a recent study of how men and women approach therapy reveals that women like psychotherapy more than men do. Researchers also noted that men were more apt to join support groups than women were. Perhaps this is due to the notion that women place high emphasis on sharing emotion, while men place more importance on sharing information. Men are also less likely to directly confront their problems and often resort to behaviors that distract them from the matters at hand. In any case, talk therapy can be of great benefit to those who are willing to commit to treatment and can find a therapist with whom they feel comfortable in confiding their feelings.

Whether in a group setting or one on one, a licensed therapist can help us develop strategies for living with a mental illness and can also guide us in our quest for self-awareness and fulfillment in our everyday lives. If you are struggling with anxiety, grief, or stress, our experienced and compassionate counselors are here for you. You can take the first step toward a more healthy and satisfying life by calling one of our offices. We also have free on-line assessments on this website.

P.S. If it interferes with the conduct of daily life in any way, mental illness should be diagnosed