A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing experience, which can lead to a feeling of fear, anxiety, and depression. By opting to undergo psychotherapy, cancer patients may put themselves in a better position to meet the physical challenges of cancer treatment and improve their quality of life. While mutual support groups enable patients to unload their feelings of fear on sympathetic ears, behavioral training may make use of guided imagery to quell anxiety, depression, and nausea. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, patients may discuss their thoughts about their illness, explore their fears of death, share their uncertainty about the future, and examine their options concerning various treatments. It is important for cancer patients to adopt positive attitudes.
Depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems can nearly always be helped with a combination of medicines, support groups, or psychotherapy. But first, a person must recognize that they need help dealing with their emotions and responses to the major changes that cancer brings to their lives. Our compassionate counselors are here for you. Call one of our offices to schedule an appointment.

P.S. Family members of cancer patients may benefit from psychotherapy that helps them cope with the new realities that are suddenly thrust upon them.