Bullying is a frequent topic of discussion, and for good reason. When researchers recently examined and interviewed 353 adolescents who visited a hospital’s emergency room for any reason, they found that half of the teens reported peer violence and nearly half also reported being victims of cyberbullying. Moreover, regardless of their primary reason for the ER visit, 23.2% of those seeking treatment reported current symptoms consistent with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while 13.9% had moderate (or higher) depressive symptoms, and 11.3% reported having suicidal thoughts within the past year. The PTSD symptoms were largely associated with being a victim of cyberbullying or peer violence. Parents should be alert to the pervasiveness of bullying and the need for treatment.


If your child or teen is dealing with bullying, please call right away. Our experienced counselors can provide a safe space, compassionate attention, and thoughtful strategies to deal with the situation. In addition, we can help if you’re an adult dealing with bullying. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment call one of our offices.  You can also log on to our website at www.plainsareamentalhealth.org for a free on-line assessment.


P.S. PTSD in adolescents has been associated with poor physical health, academic failure, and increased need for medical services.