Self-control: it’s the key to achieving so many of life’s goals like weight loss, exercise, and saving money. We use it every day to some extent, but most people have an area of their lives, a bad habit usually, where their  discipline fails them. It is possible to strengthen self-control if you’re dedicated to the change. Like a muscle, self-control can be built up with work-outs by practicing behaviors or engaging in situations that require you to use your willpower. Keep in mind, however, that avoiding what tempts you most to succumb is easiest in the beginning. Start positively with the things that are hard to say “yes” to before moving on to the more difficult “no” items.

             The professionals at Plains Area Mental Health collaborate with clients to create a plan which addresses specific needs and goals. A caring approach integrating evidence-based practices is designed to address life’s struggles effectively in a way that is also uniquely tailored to you and your family. Whether you may face life’s daily stress or a chronic mental illness, we are here for you. Call one of our offices today or take our free on-line assessment on this website.

P.S. One common mistake people make when working on self-control is taking on everything at once. Focusing on one goal at a time, adding exercise or avoiding sugar, is far more likely to yield positive results.