In literature, there is mention of grief so severe that people died of a “broken heart,” which is a term that has great romantic appeal. Today, this expression is considered passé. Instead, psychologists speak of “complicated grief” (or “traumatic grief”), which goes beyond the grief that people normally feel. It may involve intense yearning for the lost person and periods of weeping. It may last many months. Though it often resembles depressive illness, it does not usually respond to anti-depressive medication. It can have devastating effects on health. In some people, particularly those who have lost a spouse or loved one to war and violence, grief may even progress to post-traumatic stress disorder. This disorder requires professional treatment.


If you have suffered a loss, you deserve help getting through the grief, especially if it’s complicated. That’s why you should call Plains Area Mental Health. Our counselors understand the devastation that comes with the death of someone you love. We provide the safe space and proven techniques that you need to help work through your grief and regain your life. We can also help you if you are dealing with drug abuse, stress, depression, or anxiety.  Call one of our offices today or take our free on-line assessment on this website.


P.S. If intense and prolonged grieving interferes with the ability to carry out normal routines and/or elicits intense feelings of guilt or self-blame, it is important to seek counseling.