Depression is more common among women than men, but men’s depression is more difficult for the untrained eye to detect. For instance, we might expect symptoms of depression to include lack of motivation, sadness, and fatigue, which is largely true. However, about half of depressed men tend not to display these classic symptoms. Instead, they might throw themselves into work, exercise, sex, alcohol, and such high-risk activities as gambling. These symptoms are not only generally unrecognized as being associated with depression, but they also seem to be counterintuitive. That, in fact, may
be the point: many depressed men become hyperactive to mask their feelings from themselves and others. Recognizing these symptoms is the first step to effectively treating depression.

No matter your gender or your symptoms, if you are dealing with depression, you deserve help. At our office, we understand and we are here to help you. Our experienced counselors can provide proven techniques that you need to be able to deal with your depression and be able to live a happier, healthier life, in a comfortable, safe environment. In addition to help with depression, we can also help you with fear, anxiety, grief, or stress. If you would like an appointment or if you have any questions, please contact one of our offices.

P.S. When men’s untreated depressive symptom of overzealous behavior combines with aggression and anger, it may prove to be highly corrosive to a marriage and other relationships.