One of the most important facts that people should know about depression is that it is one of the most common mental disorders in this country. Yet, as widespread as it is, many people still incorrectly categorize it as mere “sadness.” However, symptoms of depression actually reach quite a bit further than feeling sad. Depressed individuals, of whom there are more women than men, experience loss of interest and pleasure in normal activities, decreased concentration, lower sex drive, irritability, agitation, restlessness, loss of sleep or excessive sleeping, and chronic fatigue and lethargy. Any of these symptoms provides ample reason to seek immediate help for this very treatable disease before it exacts a devastating toll.


If you are dealing with depression, you deserve help right away. Please call our office.  Our caring counselors can help you understand your depression, as well as provide the tangible help that you need to combat this illness and be healthy again. In addition, we can help if you’re wresting with anxiety, grief, or destructive behaviors.  Call one of our offices today.

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P.S. Men tend to go longer than women without being diagnosed or treated for depression, display different symptoms than women, and are more likely than women with the condition to commit suicide.