Traditionally, men have largely regarded themselves as problem-solvers who do not need outside assistance in resolving their emotional and mental issues. However, many men are increasingly coming to realize that their mental health merits as much professional attention as their physical health does. Whether men are dealing with a mental or physical problem, it never helps to ignore it and allow their difficulty to spill over into all aspects of daily living. When negative feelings arise and begin to build, men should realize that they can avail themselves of the services of a therapist for help in identifying the source of their problems and resolving them. The therapist can outline a personalized strategy that meets individual goals.


Regardless of your gender, if you feel like you could use a little help, then it’s likely that we can provide that assistance. If you would like an appointment with one of our compassionate counselors, please call our office at 800-325-1192 right away. We can provide the safe space and proven techniques that will help you. Call one of our offices or check out the free on-line assessment on this website.



P.S. Signs of depression in men may include sudden weight loss, declining libido, prolonged sadness, and lack of energy, as well as destructive behaviors (drinking and drugging).