In the wake of a suicide (or attempted suicide), family and friends often ask what they could have done to prevent their loved ones from wanting to take their own lives. It may be useful to know that, of the nearly 45,000 Americans who took their own lives in 2016, adults between the ages of 45 and 54 were among those most likely to do so. The second highest suicide risk was among people age 85 years and older. As far as recognizing warning signs of a possible suicide attempt, concern should be heightened by talk about death; wanting to die; feeling empty or hopeless; and feeling trapped or guilty or being a burden to others.
At various points in our lives we face challenges for which another perspective can help. Very often we may find ourselves running the same loop through our minds and not being able to find a way out of it. In talking through whatever it is we may be facing, we can achieve a better understanding of how we come to stand in our own way or may be unable to use our skills to the best advantage. Please call 800-325-1192 to schedule a consultation.. We are proud of the many benefits and services we provide for people of all ages across the region. Please call one of our offices listed on this website today.

P.S. Other possible suicide warning signs include putting one’s affairs in order, saying goodbye to family/friends, giving away possessions, behaving recklessly, socially withdrawing, exhibiting dramatic mood swings, and drinking/drugging.