Because women are twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety disorders, researchers felt compelled to take a closer look at the matter. When they measured the electrical activity in the brains of both men and women as each group completed easy tasks, researchers found that anxious women displayed more electrical brain activity than calmer individuals. While worried men and women performed similarly during the easier parts of the test, worried women performed less well in the more difficult stages. All this suggests that anxious women allow worry to interfere with the task at hand. These distracting thoughts can lead to burnout of sorts. If anxiety seems to be getting in the way of daily life, seek help.
We understand how anxiety can touch every part of your life and cast a pall over your happiness, regardless of your gender. If you feel like you’re losing a perpetual battle with anxiety or depression or stress, you deserve help. Let our compassionate counselors provide you with a safe space and proven techniques for dealing with these serious and pervasive issues.

P.S. It has already been established that anxious children (girls in particular) have a more difficult time performing academically, especially in mathematics.