Our outreach programs provide assistance to adults with serious mental illnesses. Our goal is to enhance their quality of life and help them live as independently as possible.

What services are available in this program?

Supported Community Living/Home and Community Based Services

These services are designed to provide the services and support necessary to assist adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses to live, work and enjoy recreational opportunities in community settings. We want to help these people live as independently as possible.

Integrated Health Services

Integrated Health Services recognized the mind-body connection and focuses on overall health and wellness while encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle changes. These services are free to qualifying adults and children through the Affordable Care Act.

Community Support Services

CSS is a community-based service intended to maximize a person’s psychiatric care needs. Services include monitoring mental health symptoms, transportation, supportive relationships, communication with other providers, assistance in attending appointments and obtaining medication and crisis intervention.

Day Habilitation

These flexible programs provide daily structure and positive support along with social and recreational opportunities to clients who need help establishing relationships. The groups take place in community settings.

Drop-In Center

The Clubhouse (located in Carroll, IA), The Den (located in Denison, IA), and The Meeting Place (located in Le Mars, IA) are safe havens for recreational and social activities geared towards those with a diagnosed persistent mental illness. You don’t have to be involved with Plains Area Mental Health Center to utilize our Drop-In Centers. A variety of activities are available including crafts, billiards, computer, Internet access, television and areas for group activities.

Who may benefit from these services?

These services are available to qualified people ages 18 and over who have been diagnosed with a persistent mental or emotional disorder. An application for Outreach Services is available at your nearest Plains Area Mental Health Center and can be filled out and submitted by an individual or as a referral.

Free Online Mental Health Screening

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