Becky Erdmann, MA
Becky Erdmann, MA

Pregnancy and the postpartum period are times when women might feel particularly vulnerable to depression, which strikes one in ten women during pregnancy or shortly thereafter. Changes in a woman’s body, along with hormonal fluctuations, can be particularly difficult for pregnant women with psychiatric issues. This is especially true for women who have an eating disorder or have suffered physical or sexual abuse. Because these mental health factors are known to increase a woman’s risk for depression during and directly after pregnancy, women with these issues may want to include psychological counseling as part of their prenatal care. Doing so may help avert potential problems for both mother and child, which is reason enough to seek help.

Of course, if you are dealing with pregnancy-related depression, or post-partum depression, it’s vital that you get help right away, for your sake and for the sake of your family. But at our office, our counselors understand that not all depression has such an obvious cause as pregnancy or birth. Depression can strike anyone at anytime, and for any reason at all. Sometimes, it can strike for no reason at all. Let us provide a safe space and proven techniques for dealing with your depression. You deserve to be healthy again.

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P.S. Children of depressed mothers are more likely to develop mental health problems, and children of mothers with eating disorders are at higher risk of developing an eating disorder themselves.