Resilience is the inner quality that helps people bounce back from adversity instead of becoming overwhelmed or turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Fortunately, this is a learned skill that anyone can use to get through any setback. One place to start is to look for small success-or-failure opportunities such as speaking in public. Over time, overcoming minor setbacks helps build your resiliency. Beyond that, it helps to not feel victimized by setbacks. Those who resist the urge to become self-pitying do not define themselves by their misfortunes, are not afraid to ask for help, and adopt more positive attitudes. Resilience can also help protect against various mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.


Of course, sometimes even the most resilient among us need some help overcoming a challenge. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by grief or depression, our kind and caring counselors provide the safe space and proven techniques that you need to help rebuild your resilience and overcome the next challenge. In addition, we can help those who are wrestling with stress and anxiety. Call one of our offices today or visit our website for a fee online assessment at:


P.S. Resilience can help offset factors such as bullying and trauma that increase the risk of mental health conditions.