Holding a grudge often leads to stress, anger, and revenge fantasies that only serve to increase blood pressure, heart disorders, anxiety, depression, and compensatory habits (such as over-eating) that are undertaken in attempts to escape the pain. By forgiving those who have hurt us, we can help ourselves to better physical and mental outcomes. However, forgiveness takes work. Those who have been intentionally or unintentionally injured by others must come to understand that holding on to the injury only serves to continue the suffering while letting go of the resentment brings relief. It is also important to note that forgiveness does not excuse or justify the actions of the injurer, nor must it necessarily include reconciliation.
The mental and health benefits of forgiveness are well established in the therapy community. It’s important for those who feel wronged to learn to forgive and to move on in order to preserve their own mental well-being. We attempt to create an environment in which over time you will feel supported in your efforts to achieve better personal understanding from which to change the circumstances in your life that cause difficulties. Please call one of our offices for an appointment or check out this website for our free on-line screenings.
P.S. Forgiveness therapy is a therapeutic approach that has been used for decades.