Adults often say that they forged their most important and long-lasting friendships during childhood. These early relationships are important because research shows that teenagers with close friends tend to adapt better to stress, feel happier due to an increased feeling of uniqueness, are likely to do better academically, tend to have higher self-esteem, and are more assertive. On top of all that, these benefits seem to have lasting power. According to a new study, adolescents who put close friendships first at the age of 15 tended to have lower social anxiety, a higher sense of self-worth, and fewer depressive symptoms by the age of 25 compared to their counterparts who did not prioritize such friendships. Adolescent friendships have lasting effects.

While establishing these relationships can provide a strong psychological foundation, many of us still go through periods when we have trouble coping with the demands of everyday living. Seeking the support of a licensed therapist can help us weather these times and may even lead to personal insight into achieving a more satisfying life overall. Please call one of our offices today for an appointment or check out our on-line assessments on this website.

P.S. Starting off with close friendships in life paves the way for more positive, supportive relationships throughout the rest of one’s life.