Many aspects of our lives are shaped by events that are outside our control. While some of us are able to “roll with the punches,” others are knocked out by them. Resilience is a characteristic of those in the first category, which can be cultivated with experience. Along these lines, it helps to recognize that recovering from any significant loss entails passing through several stages: shock and denial, acknowledgment, pain, adjustment, and moving beyond. While it isn’t necessary to follow this order, each stage must be visited. The rapidity with which one reaches the last stage and moves beyond loss is a measure of resilience. If needed, “talk therapy” can help individuals shape the way they react to life events.


Of course, while many people prize the idea of “rolling with the punches,” there comes a point in everyone’s life when he or she can use a little help. If you feel overwhelmed by adversity, or you’re grappling with depression or anxiety, than please call 800-325-1192. Our compassionate counselors provide a safe space and proven techniques which you need in order to get back up on your feet. Let us help you, call one of our offices today.



P.S. Resilient people are reluctant to see themselves as victims even when they find themselves in dire circumstances over which they have no control.